Our name FynBosch is inspired by the delicate South African flora of fynbos that locally grows there, in combination with our surname. Staying true to ourselves and our roots, where our greatest inspiration and love for beautiful things come from.

Fynbos is one of South Africa’s most stunning regional vegetation, “Fyn” and “Bos” are Afrikaans for “Fine” and “Bush”.

Fynbos can be found in the Western Cape, the area existing of bushes, It is treeless, scrubby and brown – ‘fine bush’ in the sense of thin, straggly and not very productive. It is a heathland – resembling similar environments in Europe, Australia and South America growing in nutrient-deficient soil under tough climatic conditions. Fine bush indeed, but on closer inspection fynbos reveals itself to be a mesmerising mosaic of plants bursting with flowers every month of the year.

Proteas are the most famous plants in fynbos but it’s the restios – the Cape Reeds – that define its presence.

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